haunted laia-Haunted Laia

haunted laia-Haunted Laia
haunted laia
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haunted laia A new family has arrived in Hidden Town, but since the day they moved in, they have been harassed by strange presences in their own home, until a few days later they disappeared without a trace. What happened? Where are they? Help Laia solve the mystery and reveal the secrets behind her disappearance——Uploaded by the user

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Download Haunted Laia 1.0.20 MOD APK for Android, air.com.darkdome.haunted.laia

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haunted laia Haunted Laia

  • Version:1.0.20 _ Size:37.2MB
  • Category:Puzzle _ Publisher:Dark Dome
  • Requirements:Andriod 5.0+ _ Publish Date:06/07/2022
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